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Welcome to a Career in Water!

Choosing a career in water resources can be among the most fulfilling and rewarding ways to make a living.  And to make a difference! 

Work in Water is a consortium made up of water resource providers and educators looking to attract people to work in the industries of water resources including hydrology and water technologies. This growing field is exploding with opportunity, as many cities, local and federal government agencies and private sector companies are offering great salaries, benefits and job stability to fill the many positions they offer.

Whether the water is in its natural environment, coming out of the faucet in your kitchen, or is the output of a technology company’s manufacturing plant, local, state and federal requirements mandate that water be the highest quality and purity, all the time.

The Work in Water consortium ensures the future and continuous stewardship of water as our most precious resource by raising the awareness of available careers in all water related fields and can prepare YOU to Work in Water!

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